International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week is just around the corner!

ICW is coming up and we at ICE have a great lineup of events scheduled from the 6th to the 13th of May so don’t miss your chance to join us and also to view a host of other events presented by ICF credentialed coaches from around the world!

Below is a summary of the five events we will be presenting during ICW. There is a link on each taking you to the ICF site where you can register for each event. Look forward to meeting you there!

Boost your impact through strengths coaching
6th of May 2023 at 4:00 PM U.K time

“We are more productive and feel more fulfilment when applying our strengths”
Experience a Demo strengths-based coaching conversation to accelerate the discovery of potential in others. This session is led by Taymour Miri (MCC, ACTC, Gallup Strength Coach). As a coach or professional, you’ll learn an ICE educational model to enhance your coaching conversations.

Boosting your team coaching through Strengths
8th May 2023, at 4:00 PM U.K time

“There is no such thing as a well-rounded person”.
In this Webinar session lead by Taymour Miri (MCC, ACTC, Gallup Strengths Coach), you’ll learn about the relationship between the ICF 8 coaching competencies, team coaching competencies and the strength development philosophies.
You will also experience an example of how the individual talents in a team can complement each other or create conflict. This webinar is designed for Team leaders and Team Coaches who need to manage the team dynamics and create a more productive and engaged team.

Master your coaching skills and boost your income
10th of May 2023 at 4:00 PM U.K time

“Increase your income by adding massive value to your clients”
In this Panel discussion with Taymour Miri (MCC, ACTC, Gallup Strengths Coach), Connie Kadansky (MCC) and Nazanin Malekbikloo (MCC), you’ll learn how a Master Certified Coach delivers more value to clients, expand their coaching business and how ICE Master program creates the edge to the learning experience.

Relationship with selling your coaching services 
12th May 2023, at 4:00 PM U.K time

Selling is essential to keeping any business in business, yet selling can make coaches feel awkward or uncomfortable. Even the word “sales” can make some coaches cringe. What is your relationship with selling? Do you cringe when you think about selling your services?
What if you were to develop a relationship with selling that is healthy, adventuresome, and profitable?
This special demo is designed for coaches who know that selling is important to success and are eager to sell in a way that feels authentic.

Strength Workshop
13th of May 2023 at 4:00 PM U.K time

You will succeed where you have an advantage, and we all have one or more. But most don’t know what that strength or potential is or they underutilize it. 
This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to discover their top five strength potentials, which in turn will drive their energy and potential to produce consistently desired results. In this workshop you will get a complimentary code to access and complete a Gallup Strengths Assessment and receive a personalized report. What you discover about yourself in this three hour workshop will always stay with you in any role that you play including a coach, manager, professional at work, parent at home.

Meet the Founder

Taymour Miri is an ICF master coach and a Gallup certified strengths coach with 20 years of coaching experience and recently, one of only 136 coaches world wide to be given an Advanced certification in Team coaching by ICF. Taymour has trained over 1500 professional coaches across five continents at all three levels of ICF credentialing (Associate, Professional and Master). He is the managing director of MTMI, a U.K registered company, partnering with organizations to elevate their performance by maximizing their strengths.