What you will get from this article:

  • The 3 forces of creation that result in ultimate achievement
  • Practical strategies for learning how to feel fulfilled

In the previous article (https://icoachingeducation.com/success-has-no-meaning-without-fulfilment/) we talked about the two elements behind an extraordinary life. The first is the 3 forces that result in reaching our goals and achievement and the second is the art of being fulfilled. These two are like the two sides of a coin – they come together. When you have both, then life feels joyful and exciting.

In this article we will focus on the three forces and the knowledge behind consistently reaching desired outcomes.

How to master the science behind consistent results

Think of this as a formula for success. To master achievement means that you can take your dreams and make them real. It comes from following the 3 Forces of Creation, going beyond just having an action plan. After all, learning how to feel fulfilled is difficult if you haven’t achieved anything.

Force 1: Focus

In order to make something happen, you must channel the power of absolute clarity and commitment. To awaken your sense of fulfilment, remember that what you think about most of the time is what you create and where you focus, your energy flows.  You must have a desire and hunger to get started. Without that, you are unlikely to see the process through to the end. What are you here to create? What are you here to leave as a legacy? What is your vision?


Force 2: Massive Action

Here’s where you start moving toward what you want. If your current approach to feeling fulfilled isn’t working, change it. Think about a child learning to walk. If they gave up as soon as they fell down, no one would ever learn to walk at all. Instead, kids keep doing and doing until they’ve figured out walking, then running. No one ever says to them, “Listen, walking is just too hard. Just give it up, kid.”

The other key to taking massive action is to a role model for effective execution. Take someone who’s achieved what you want – whether your goal is to earn a billion dollars or lose weight – and find out how they did it. Role models help us learn faster and more effectively; follow successful models and we get results weeks, months or even decades more quickly than by trying to figure things out on our own.

Force 3: The unexplainable flow

We think of this concept in different ways; some call it “universe,” others “luck” or “good fortune.” Yes, we can take all sorts of actions in order to make something happen, but what about the other elements on the path to success, the things we can’t control but help us along anyway? That’s the force of flow. The more flexible you are, the more you acknowledge this energy in your life, the more it shows up. This force will also help you better understand how you can give back, which is another element in a sense of fulfilment.

Five strategies for feeling flfilled

Learning how to feel fulfilled is completely within your control and reach. Master the forces behind achievement and the art of fulfilment and you have the tools for a sustainable life of happiness that enriches not only yourself, but those around you.

  1. Take manageable steps

To really grasp how to feel fulfilled in life, take baby steps. You probably won’t be able to build an unshakeable sense of fulfilment overnight, but with consistent effort, feeling fulfilled becomes your new norm.

  1. Select your relationships

Understanding how to find fulfilment we must feed the human need of connecting with others. You are responsible for your wellbeing and for selecting to spend most of your time with those who inspire and support you. When you surround yourself with people who bring you down, your focus will be drawn to the negative. When you surround yourself with positive people, you feel uplifted and inspired. You want extraordinary relationships, not mediocre or destructive ones.

  1. Align with your values

In the search for contentment, it’s tempting to compromise your values to get a fleeting sense of fulfilment. But if you’re acting against your values, the feeling of fulfilment is false and won’t last. When you’re true to yourself, you will know which path to take that feels real to you.

  1. Accept “Excellence”

Rather than drift to extremes – perfection on one end and sloppiness on the other – learning how to feel fulfilled means living somewhere in the middle. Align your life with your values, strive to improve and grow and give it your best effort and be grateful with the results and the learning on the path to your excellence.

  1. Push yourself

Part of building effective relationships and feeling fulfilled is focusing on your own actions. You can improve almost any situation through your own choices, but you can’t control someone else’s actions. Keep focussing on your own continual and never ending improvement and show the path to others who are ready to join you.


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Taymour Miri is an ICF master coach and a Gallup certified strengths coach and more recently one of the first 136 coaches world wide to be awarded an Advanced Certificate in Team Coaching. He has 30 years’ experience in leadership roles and 20 years of experince in coaching. Taymour has trained over 1,500 coaches across five continents and is the founder of International Coaching Education (ICE).