Do you have a knack for business coaching?

In the article “what is business coaching” the coaching specializations were covered referring to a research by Price Waterhouse Coopers, PWC. It stated that under this umbrella name of “business coaching” there are different ways a coach can market themselves:

• Leadership coach (25%)
• Executive coach (18%)
• Organisational / Business coach (16%)
• Small business coach (3%)

Coaches under the umbrella name of “business coaching” work with business owners, CEOs and managers.

The process creates the insight to enhance their sales, improve their skills and run their business or teams better. They act as a great sounding board, ask prompting questions and much more. Ultimately the business owners and leaders become clearer about where they can focus to enhance their personal and business performance.
So, who are these inspiring individuals who are benefiting businesses and individuals in business?
Anyone with the right drive, training and practice can market themselves as a business coach or any other of the above specializations. However, there are five groups of professionals who have a certain knack for coaching in the business world and more likely to start their own business coaching practice.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are well suited to long-term projects and relationships. They understand how to build strong relationships with their clients that are based on trust and mutual respect. Furthermore, financial advisors understand how businesses work. In turn they empower owners to see their market from a fresh point of view.


Accountants understand numbers and they don’t get blindsided by ideas that look good on paper. They listen to their clients’ need without jumping in with new and exciting, albeit sometimes risky, business strategies. These traits can benefit accountants who move onto a career in business coaching. Their analytical and cautious nature can assist them in listening intently to their client. Also, to ask the right questions to prompt appropriate action for the client.

Business Owners

Business owners, whether they are current owners, retiring or retired, make great business coaches. They understand first-hand the ins and outs of running a business and have an established trust with other owners. As coaches, business owners are able to build upon the ‘been there and done that’ mentality to bolster their credibility. At the same time, they can also use new skills to empower other owners to achieve their goals.

Business Consultants

Business consultants have a strong network of potential clients and the ability to include coaching to their current skill set. They also have a knack for business and understand how to communicate with business owners. In turn, they are in a solid position to learn coaching skills and then apply them to their current business. They can also move on from consulting into coaching with ease.


Managers understand people and know how to communicate effectively with individuals and teams. They are great soundboards and are skilled in listening to others’ needs with a balance of empathy and professionalism. These qualities lend themselves well to business coaching, as managers hold the innate skills needed to effectively guide others.

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Taymour Miri is an ICF master coach and a Gallup certified strengths coach with 20 years of coaching experience and recently, one of only 136 coaches world wide to be given an Advanced certification in Team coaching by ICF. Taymour has trained over 1500 professional coaches across five continents at all three levels of ICF credentialing (Associate, Professional and Master). He is the managing director of MTMI, a U.K registered company, partnering with organizations to elevate their performance by maximizing their strengths.